AutotrackPro™ AI Gimbal
AutotrackPro™ AI Gimbal
AutotrackPro™ AI Gimbal
AutotrackPro™ AI Gimbal
AutotrackPro™ AI Gimbal
AutotrackPro™ AI Gimbal
AutotrackPro™ AI Gimbal
AutotrackPro™ AI Gimbal

AutotrackPro™ AI Gimbal

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Create The Perfect Content

The AutoTrackPro™ allows you to easily record the perfect videos and shoot the best photos!

Perfect for anyone looking to:

  • Start Streaming
  • Record Workouts
  • Share Tutorials
  • Look Better In Zoom Meetings
  • Enhance Photography & Videography
  • Shoot Amazing Content & More!

Whatever it may be, our AutoTrackPro™ will get the job done! Easily make recording content hands-free. This next-generation gimbal features a built-in wide angle camera and runs on an advanced AI algorithm engineered to track your movements and keep you in frame at all times. 

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Every Content Creator's Best-Friend

Succeed on any platform:

🎬 TikTok!

🎬 YouTube!

🎬 Twitch!

🎬 Vlogging!

🎬 Instagram!

🎬 Facebook Live!

🎬 Zoom Meetings!

🤯 and so much more!!!

🔋 8 hrs. Battery life

✅ Can be mounted on a tripod if wanted

✅ Charging Port Type C (easily found in any local stores)

✅ Can be adjusted Vertically or Horizontally

✅ Very Smooth tracking of movements, never be out of frame

✅ Most phones can be used with or without case.

✅ Hands-free Device

✅You will receive a clip-on selfie ring light as a gift!

❌ No app is required to use it (No worries of being hacked or item manipulated)

❌ No Bluetooth is needed

❌ No WIFI (Is not accessible to outside sources by any means)

❌ Not battery operated

A bit more about the AutoTrackPro™:

  • User Friendly Design - Easy for anyone to use, freeing your hands and letting you move without limits.
  • Endless Possibilities - Suitable for video calls, shooting, live streaming, and is sure to meet your every need!
  • Flexibility -Rotatable, allowing you to adjust it in a 360˚ range of motion.
  • Plug n’ Play - Don’t worry about fiddling with any poorly optimized mobile app, just set up the device and you’re good to go!
  • Quality Finish - High-quality construction, ensuring it lasts for many photo and video shoots to come.

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Technology Of The Future

The AI Gimbal Stablizer has a built-in action mode which allow a fast transition to capture subtle movements, ensure you never miss a moment and make every second count.